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Shawn Perryman, CFP

Managing Partner
<p>Since 2002, Shawn has been on a path of professional growth, initially focusing on earning his Certified Financial Planning (CFP) designation and then turning his expertise towards the employee benefits sector. He is dedicated to grasping the evolving needs of business owners and professionals with corporations. Shawn devotes his days to guiding businesses in selecting the most suitable employee benefits strategies tailored to their unique circumstances. His main aim is to craft personalized plans that not only address current objectives but also pave the way for future prosperity.</p> <p>With 33% more kids as Jordan, Shawn’s leisure time is a precious commodity. You’ll often find him and his wife Michelle exploring local eateries as a brief hiatus from their lively household, escaping for a long weekend or attempting to play golf, where his shots are as unpredictable as his days!</p>

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