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Jordan Armstrong

Managing Partner
<p>Jordan embarked on his journey within the financial services sector in 2003, laying the foundation for what is becoming an incredibly fulfilling career. Establishing a business from the ground up is a formidable challenge, requiring relentless experimentation with ideas and strategies. It wasn’t long before Jordan discovered his true calling: providing unparalleled value by partnering with business owners. Fueled by a fervent passion, he excels at guiding organizations and their teams towards achieving lasting success. At Vantage, Jordan plays a pivotal role in nurturing client relationships, spearheading the adoption of innovative branding strategies, enhancing operational efficiency through process optimization, and leading the charge in the digital transformation of operations.<br /> Known for his ability to unearth optimism in every scenario, Jordan’s attempts at humor are as earnest as they are delightfully average. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jordan’s life is rich with personal joy. He spends his time outside of work engaging in lively pursuits with his two sons and vibrant young daughter, exploring new cultures with his family on their travels abroad, or enjoying a peaceful round of golf whenever the opportunity arises.</p>

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